Easy Ways to Stay in Touch Online

• Reuse and Repurpose: If you already created some popular content, see where you can expand it or possibly target a certain aspect of it in finer detail.

• FAQ: Ask your followers and clients what their top questions are at several stages of working with you. Focus on Before, During, After - Before they chose you, what were their reasons for hesitation, after they got started were there areas of confusion that you need to address or change and help new clients be aware of, when complete what did they expect to happen next. There's gold in the questions and answers you hear over and over again.

• Be the news: Set up your RSS feeds or alerts to get the specific type of news that you report out on sent directly to you. Pay attention to what's happening in your area of expertise in the news and many times you'll find something that ties in perfectly to your audience's interests. For example, if your target market is counseling teens, stories that describe successful teens or stories that warn of various online dangers is a potential subject to share and comment on. If you have a coaching business for other business owners, sharing ways to get financing, tax breaks for business owners and other related topics will be appreciated. Even if that is not your main focus - sharing related tips is great.

• Give Product Reviews: When you come across tools or other products that help you. Share it. People always appreciate someone else's research and honest product reviews. Include who is best suited to use the tool or product and the features and benefits you experienced. If there were things you didn't like or thought it should have provided, include that too. Integrity is key.

• Share Case studies about Your Clients / Customers: Case studies are an excellent way to provide highly-informative success stories and they become amazing testimonials for your business.

• Interview other Experts / Celebrities in your Market: Your local celebrities and you interviewing or being interviewed by the experts in your field shows that you know the right people and you know them well. Implied in the celebrity factor is that you must be a celebrity or close to it if you are connected to other celebrities. This is the beginnings of a great PR campaign for online and offline PR.

• Have Someone Interview You: This is an excellent way to create content using the audio and transcript of your interview. Create great social media buzz by having your own followers submit questions for the interview.

• Have fun: A top reason face book has replaced the porn sites as most viewed site and why You Tube is about to take over Face book is that people are BORED. They seek information but also entertainment. You don't always have to come up with earth-shattering information to impress your audience. Have fun, inspire them or make them laugh. Share your personal side (not too personal mind youJ)

Feeling inspired? Great! Write down your new ideas now. In fact setup a list and put it in your smart phone, then add more. Sometimes a little story about what happened to you at a restaurant or at your kid's soccer game can become a relevant lesson to your readers.

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