Phone Sex - What Others Don't Know

Many people think that phone sex is very harmless and people are having fun while being safe. What they don't know is that it involves explicit erotic matters and most of the people involve are young teens. Most of the time, people are talking about these erotic matters with strangers but others are doing this with someone they know. The main reason why many people are engaging in this kind of activity is because they think they are safe and being safe for them is not having sexually transmitted diseases. The sad thing here is that many companies are now offering the service because of the income that they receive.

If you come to think of it, phone sex is very harmful. It is correct that physically, people are safe because there are no chances that they will have sexually transmitted diseases. But psychologically and emotionally, people are affected with this activity especially that young teens are involved. Young teens are at the stage of exploring different things and if they are exposed to this kind of activity, they will have different view on sex. Phone sex teaches them to indulge instead of controlling the desire. Also, sex should be enjoyed during marriage. As for the married people who are involved, it promotes marital problems and adultery. Both for teens and adults, the activity promotes an increase in exploring more exciting adventure related to the field.

For those people who are still in the stage of dating and trying to preserve the joy of sex after marriage, they will surely fail if they are engaged in phone sex. Also, it would be a good feeling if you do it on your wedding night. Even if you talk to some teens who already engaged in having sex, they will tell you that in one way or another they regret doing it and realizing that they already lost that special thing in their life.

Another effect of phone sex is financial disability in the long run. There are companies that charge very high that people who are using and enjoying the service will not mind paying bucks. This is the reason why some people have high debts and this is a sad fact. Remember that it is very addictive that some people already don't think of other things in their life but to engage in the activity once in a while. So think twice if you're going to use the service.

Practice Safe Sex on the Phone - Psychologist Warns of Dangers of Erotic Hypnosis With Phone Sex!

People have long seemed to attempt new ways to explore and heighten their healthy sexual pleasures with their love partner. Generally, these natural curiosities had been limited to playful experimentation like varied positions, Tantric Sex (sexual yoga), and stimulating talk. Others have included increasingly risky sexual behaviors, such as unprotected sex with multiple partners, marital affairs, auto asphyxiation and illicit drug use.

Although hypnosis can often play a vital role in the treatment of a variety of therapeutic issues, ranging from impotence and premature ejaculation to marital discord and decreased libido, its recent misuse is creating new "safe sex" dangers. Although "Erotic Hypnosis" can be used as an adventurous exploration of one's human sexuality and pleasure, the use of hypnosis should be limited to those properly trained in its application. The proliferation of self-hypnosis programs, however, makes it impossible to fully regulate its private use.

The popularity of books and videos such as "The Sensuous Woman", "My Secret Garden", "Secrets About Men Every Woman Should Know", and "Better Sex" proves that there is a growing market for information that celebrate healthy sex. Peter Masters' 2001 book, "Look Into My Eyes", is one of the first to celebrate the use of hypnosis to bring out the best in one's sex life!

Hypnosis is an often-misunderstood phenomenon that is basically an exercise in deep meditation. Once in a deeply relaxed state, one's mind develops a natural, heightened focus. It is this fixed concentration that affords one the unique ability to intensify pleasure, via the guided imagery of Erotic Hypnosis, like manipulating a dream, but more absorbing.

As with any sexual experience, trust between partners is vital. By the time one's relationship may develop into something more physically intimate, there is usually an assumption that enough time has evolved to develop positive trust between partners. Earlier within the relationship, however, one may find a sense of false security in phone sex. Although it can be a safer form of increasing intimacy, it is important to understand that if Erotic Hypnosis is practiced prematurely (especially over the phone), an unscrupulous partner could potentially take advantage of the other partner, without the victim even necessarily fully realizing it.

The potential danger arises from the fact that within this form of hypnosis, one leaves one's subconscious mind open to suggestions that one desires. Although it is generally true that people do not typically accept, or act upon, suggestions that are inconsistent with their desires, a cleaver hypnotist could offer pleasurable suggestions that may seem reasonable, yet are really more self-serving. The result could be comparable to someone who may have had one too many drinks, who later wondered why they behaved so foolishly the night before. With Erotic Hypnosis, for example, a post-hypnotic suggestion could conceivably be covertly offered that might compel the victim to take the relationship to "the next level," before they might have otherwise been ready for the advance.

Similar to any intimate encounter, it is invaluable that couples, who desire to experiment with this type of hypnosis, share a deep trust, honesty and mutual respect. Although it is not advisable to use any hypnosis outside of clinically indicated settings, respectful partners who care about each other will likely find this form to be a mutually surprising and stimulating encounter.

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex - What Can You Expect when You Call

Erotic Hypnosis phone sex calls are my favourite calls. The experience ranges from a 5 minute quicky where the caller really is just fantasizing that he is hypnotized, going through the motions of being mind controlled, and getting off on the whole idea of it. At the other end of the spectrum are the recurring 45 minute sessions in which the caller submits to ever deepening hypnotic transes, divulges his inner desires, and responds to post hypnotic suggestion.

The most fascinating thing about hypnosis phone sex, is that for me, it is a wonderful tool for releasing hidden desires. Many callers will never admit what it is that they are hoping to experience. Manly guys do not want to say that they are interested in being feminized. Powerful business men find it difficult to ask to be dominated in any circumstance, especially sexually. Through hypnosis phone sex, however, these callers will ask to be hypnotized and taken control of. Often that is the only thing they say. "I want to be controlled by a beautiful woman." It is only after they are in a trance, and answering truthfully without the ego censuring their desires, they tell me what they really 'really' want.

It is a terrifying feeling to know that you want something that you consider 'abnormal' or 'freakish'. Men are conditioned into being straight manly men, powerful and strong. Not everyone can be that way all of the time, everyone has both strong and weak sides, masculine and feminine desires. Through hypnosis, the repressed desires can be brought to the front and enjoyed. Through hypnosis phone sex, the caller can remain anonymous and safe and enjoy the hypnotic session.

I have been asked to hypnotize callers into believing they are women, robots, inanimate objects, as well as into performing a variety of post hypnotic suggestions and responding to hidden triggers. For instance, one caller was taken with the desire to be 'programmed' into responding a certain way when he was in the presence of a certain beautiful woman. Another caller just wanted to be made to do embarrassing things so that he would know he was not acting under his own control.

Some callers are experimenting for the first time, others seem to call over and over with the exact same request, never tiring of the hypnotic sessions.

To get the most out of your erotic hypnosis phone sex session, I recommend the following preparations.

Set aside atleast half an hour of private time. 45 minutes is ideal, but half an hour is plenty of time to experience a hypnotic state.
Prepare a comfortable place to call from. Some people prefer a quiet bedroom, others a comfortable easy chair. It is important to remove possible distractions. You will need to be able to focus on the voice at the other end of the line.
Make sure you telephone batteries are fully charged. Losing the connection part way through is extremely disappointing.
Choose a phone sex hypnotist that you are comfortable with and call her. Let her know as best you can what you are hoping to experience.
Arrange for payment of the call, discuss that with the hypnotist so that there are no 'loose ends' regarding the price you will pay for tour session.

As an erotic phone sex hypnotist, I can say that not everyone who calls for a hypnosis session goes into a trance. Also, some people act like they are in a trance, likely roleplaying and fantasizing, but not at all hypnotized. Others focus, listen and do go into wonderful hypnotic trances, obeying commands and experiencing the erotic session. I cannot always tell over the phone if the caller is hypnotized or not, I can however, always tell if the caller is enjoying his experience, and probably that is all that they care about in the end.

One of the major benefits to the caller is that he can be 'commanded' to do something that he has secretly always wanted to do, but was afraid to try. With the responsibility of his actions falling on the hypnotist's shoulders, the caller is provided the freedom to experience his suppressed desires. It is very exciting to be able to temporarily at least, break free from stubborn inhibitions and go outside one's comfort zone.

I don't believe callers can be made to do anything they don't deep down want to do, although of course that is the allure of erotic hypnosis!