How To Get A Larger Penis Size

According to the recent survey, the average penis size when erected is about 5.5 - 6 inches. The average deepness for women's vagina is about 4 inches. So in realistic way, the average penis size of men should be more than sufficient.

However, when you pay attention in to women's discussion, you may find that there are some girls claim that it's more enjoyable when having sex with a man that has a bigger penis. It's no wonder why more and more penis enlargement products can be found on the market nowadays.

Here we talk about some of these penis enlargement methods that can help men to get a penis size larger.

1) Expansion kit

One of the ways to enlarge your penis size is to use of plastic extension kit. Men can attach a plastic penis to their penis head. This usually will help to increase the penis length up to 2 inches. You can find a lot of adverts regarding this product from some porn magazines.

However, to be honestly, we do not recommend this method because it may damage your penis and lead to erectile dysfunction.

2) Enlargement pump

Same with expansion kit, enlargement pump is also found in most of the porn magazines. There is a tube come with the pump, you will need to place your valuable member into the tube, and then use the pump to make your penis thick and strong.

It works like a blood pressure machine. Some men even report that their penis size will "back to the original" after stop the use of pumps. That is, enlargement pump will not enlarge your penis size permanently.

3) Enlargement exercises

This is the most natural way among most of the penis enlargement methods. Enlargement exercises help to increase the blood flow towards penis so the spongy tissues in penis chamber grow and this will help to get a penis size larger.

Compare to other enlargement methods, exercises programs are very cost effective and definitely the safest method of penis enlargement. You can take some herbal penis enlargement pills when doing the exercises program to speed up your enlargement.

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