Long Distance Relationship Advice - How To Make Him -Her Keep Thinking About You At Work

It doesn't matter if you're partner lives in the next city or in a country thousands of miles away, hlong distance relationship can work if you take the extra effort to keep each other connected.

Most long distance relationships don't work because both people haven't really plan out how they would continually stay in touch. Most couples don't choose to be in a relationship because they're in a situation where they are forced to go.

Try to think about your relationship as a long-term foreplay. In your phone conversations or email, tease your partner and make him/her fantasize on what you would do when you're together. When the conversation stops, he/she would daydream about you at work or in her/is dream. Another thing you can do is to play silly games that you would play back in school. For example, you can talk about your top five excuses for coming late for work or how to do animal noises.

A long distance relationship can be a positive experience for you. It makes you think of who you are missing and how valuable they are in your life. You will begin to appreciate more of your loved one.

The most important thing to when you're apart to enjoy your life and keep yourself busy. It's no use of waiting for the telephone to ring or checking your email every hour. There's a lot thing you can enjoy. Also, tell your partner to allow them to do the same thing. Phone conversation will become more interesting and enjoyable because you have more funny or unbelievable stories to tell your partner. All of this can help you become a better person which makes for better relationships.

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